Judge Kavanaugh of Troy

According to myth, Helen of Troy was kidnapped by Prince Paris of Troy, which started the Trojan War. A woman considered to be the most beautiful in all of the world was taken against her will and a war broke out to return her home, safe and sound. The Greeks were idyllic in their representation of women. But classicists and history alike have proven these legends to be fraught with more sexual assault and rape than one would catch onto after the first read.

Across the country, we held our breath in antagonizing anticipation. And then, at 1:53pm today, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to push the nomination Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh forward. Yesterday, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford gave testimony recounting her sexual assault during Kavanaugh’s hearing; yesterday we watched with hurt and anger as many deemed Ford a liar, a woman used as the Democrat’s smoking gun. If there is one thing that we’ve learned from the two years of this Trump presidency is that it is the most divisive government we have ever had.

This situation, however, reminds me that this country is certainly no saint when it comes to the handling of sexual assault and rape.

A few posts ago, I wrote a response to the reveal of gender discrimination in Japan’s med school admittance rates. I wrote that the world does not respect women, and I want to reemphasize that. I want it made clear that gender discrimination and misogyny is real everywhere.

The Senate Judiciary Committee listened to about nine hours of testimony from both Kavanaugh and Ford. Her reliability has been put into question. Some Republicans are fiercely determined to see Kavanaugh into their victory, the one in which he is sworn in as a Supreme Court Justice. Trump wants it more than anyone.

Certainly this stunt doesn’t look good for the Republicans. The dean of Kavanaugh’s alma mater and the American Bar Association, amongst countless others, have come out in support of an investigation. To my surprise, the floor vote is now being delayed by a week to allow for an FBI investigation. Still, I was appalled by the ferocity with which Republicans were determined to screw everyone else to get what they want. Their power hunger has demonstrated just how little respect they have for women.

What’s most disturbing about this is that other women are in support of Kavanaugh. For example, Tomi Lahren is vehemently in support of Kavanaugh, which I find rather surprising. This was the same woman that was not only fired from TheBlaze for her pro-choice views, but also publicly expressed her disgust with Brock Turner, another man accused, and convicted, of sexual assault and rape. Which tells me that this really is a game of politics, of power hoarding, of agreeing with something when it favors you.

This Republican-controlled government has been consistently demonstrating its disdain of women. Having voted to push the nomination forward, this is getting frightening. There have already been threats to Roe w. Wade this year, and the repeal of such a landmark decision would be catastrophic. Having Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court would certainly make that threat that much more palpable. It would be the ultimate proof of misogyny lodged deep within conservative values, proof that a woman is only valuable as property.

I understand that one is innocent until proven guilty. That has saved many from being wrongly sentenced, and yet has proven itself to be a flawed system. It’s what we have, however, and we need to use it when it’s necessary. I am completely for an investigation of Kavanaugh, but I also believe that if a potential Supreme Court nominee has such allegations against him that it would be best to go with someone else. True or not, it says a lot about our country and our politics that we are pushing forward with his nomination. I think it is disgusting that Dr. Ford is being discredited. What message are we sending to those who have been assaulted? Are we telling them that they’re guilty, too? It’s this kind of reaction that keeps victims silent and stops them from seeking justice.

This is where partisanship messes with morals. A coworker and I were recently discussing this–though related to another topic–and we were both in agreement that social issues are matters of humanity. Racism, sexism, discrimination–these are not political problems. Having turned them into politics, we have opened up the door for dissent, for argument over things that should not be debated.

As a woman, I’m scared. I’m scared that the Republicans will overlook their own morals for the sake of more power, and in turn ruin us. I am afraid that my right to choose, my rights over my body, will be dictated by a state that does not care about my wellbeing. They will play doctor with no medical license.

I don’t understand, I can’t understand, why we are not treated with the respect we deserve. Why aren’t rape victims treated with respect and care? Why was an investigation not called for earlier when Dr. Ford first came forward? Why does the law favor men?

Why does the world hate women so much?

I’ll end with a few words of wisdom: make sure you vote this midterm election.

Make sure you vote this midterm election.

Make sure you vote this midterm election.

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