Lessons I Learned at UVA

  1. You’re Black.
  2. You’re a Black girl.
  3. Runk is the better dining hall.
  4. Before it was renovated, Gooch-Dillard was the best dorm.
  5. Code switchin.
  6. It’s okay if you aren’t a member of the Black Pack. Most of us didn’t receive a nomination.
  7. Groupme is an app that exists for the destruction of society.
  8. People actually wear boat shoes.
  9. Lilly Pulitzer is actual fashion.
  10. Kids that come from “old money” probably means someone’s ancestor was fighting a war so they could own people.
  11. Speaking off–unmarked mass slave burials. There. And there. And there, too.
  12. Jefferson can catch these hands.
  13. No, you cannot touch my hair.
  14. Or say the n-word.
  15. Parties fall into 2 categories: alcohol-heavy or music-driven. You can guess which student goes to which.
  16. Plus dollars.
  17. International students eat Faberge eggs for breakfast.
  18. Black Fire; Spike Lee; Femininities and Masculinities in the Media; W.E.B. DuBois; Malcolm X; Martin Luther King, Jr.; Toni Morrison; bell hooks.
  19. Wings Over is open until 3AM.
  20. Bodo’s opens at 7AM.
  21. Protein before alcohol.
  22. You’re a low-income student with a laptop from the school and not an 11-inch MacBook Pro from Mom and Dad.
  23. You’re a Black woman with an opinion.
  24. You scare slow-walking, middle-aged white women.
  25. Alpha vagina.
  26. You’re actually pretty. Don’t let the attention your friends receive, in comparison to your lack of, fool you into thinking otherwise.
  27. You’re a strong writer.
  28. Sit in cafes with your female friends and let that energy flow.
  29. Question your professor.
  30. Hug your professor.
  31. OAAA is behind Bryan Hall.
  32. A lot of students probably can’t see it because they don’t see color.
  33. Men will try to talk over you, but usually to say things that don’t matter.
  34. Black Lives Matter.
  35. Snakes are fun when they’re not human.
  36. Shower shoes aren’t up for debate.
  37. Exit through the back of the bus.
  38. They were terrorists, Teresa.
  39. Do what will make you smile every time you look at your degree. No one else can do that for you.
  40. A solid 7 out of 10.

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